8 Natural Foods, Which Can Cure Headaches, Without Any Medication

All of us suffer from headaches from time to time, and they may be a consequence of something simple, like dehydration or lack of sleep, or perhaps indicate a far more serious health problem.

You will find over 150 types of headaches, and these’re the most typical ones:

Migraine headaches These headaches lead to throbbing intense pain which could keep going from four hours to three days. Additionally, other symptoms include nausea, appetite loss, sensitivity to light, sound, or maybe smells; vomiting; as well as stomach that is upset or perhaps belly pain.

Sinus headaches: These headaches are actually accompanied by a frequent pain in the forehead, cheekbones, or maybe bridge of the nose. They’re a result of inflammation of the sinuses, as well as lead to other symptoms, like fever, swelling in the face, a runny nose, and sensation of fullness in the ears.

Hormone headaches: Women frequently suffer from headaches during pregnancy, menopause, or their periods, as a consequence of the hormonal changes within the body.

Cluster headaches: These intense headaches result in a burning or even piercing pain behind or perhaps around one eye, which may be constant or throbbing. Cluster headaches are a serious health problem, but are, thankfully, probably the least common. With this situation, the eye reddens, the nostril runs or maybe stuffs, the eyelid droops, the pupil gets smaller or maybe the eye tears. These headaches happen in groups, for instance,

Nevertheless, before you reach for a bit of business pain relievers, be sure you try out the following all natural cures for all kinds of headaches:


All of the features of our body depend on water, therefore it’s crucial for the general wellness of ours. In order to avoid harm to the organs, you have to drink a minimum of two liters of water every day.

Once you have the original symptoms of a headache caused by dehydration in the entire body, drink a cup of water. You are able to also have a number of sports drink after that, as they may also be beneficial, thanks to the electrolytes they contain.


Cinnamon consists of 3 types of components: cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, and cinnamyl alcohol that have potent antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties.

It’s an excellent natural cure in the situation of sinus problems. Just grind five cinnamon sticks, add them to water, as well as use the paste on the forehead.


Lemons are very valuable in the healing of stomach headaches, caused by intestinal problems and gas. All you’ve to do is drinking a cup of lemon water. To immediately relieve a headache, use the paste of the lemon skin on the forehead.

Hot Water

Stress causes stiffness in the muscles, and this tension will cause a headache. Thus, the heat is going to boost blood flow and relax the tensed muscles.

You are able to have a hot shower, as well as make sure the water is actually hitting the rear of the neck of yours. You are able to also soak the feet or perhaps hands in a basin with water that is warm for fifteen minutes.


Ginger relaxes the blood vessels, fights inflammation, as well as stimulates natural opiates in the mind that soothe headaches. All you’ve to do is actually to high a couple of slices of fresh ginger in a cup of biking water and drink the tea to alleviate a headache.

Eucalyptus Oil

This oil soothes the stressed muscles as well as calms a headache. Simply rub the temples with a couple of drops of it for twenty minutes.
Betel Leaves

These leaves have painkilling and cooling properties which will assist you alleviate a headache in a couple of minutes. Make a paste of the leaves, and use it on the forehead. Leave it to act for an hour.


Peppermint could be of aid that is great in the healing of headaches since it provides powerful calming properties. Add a teaspoon of dried peppermint to a cup of water that is boiling, steep for ten minutes, and drink.

You are able to also rub peppermint oil on the jaw, neck, and temples to immediately alleviate the pain.