Five Things Women Above A Certain Age Must Know:

Once a woman reaches a specific age, she transitions from a productive to nonreproductive phase in her life. This era is called menopause, plus it usually starts round the age of 51.

However , this doesn’t happen suddenly, but step by step. Every woman experiences it differently and sometimes women start feeling it 10 years before the transition actually happens. However some women look forward to this era, since they won’t need certainly to bother with the period anymore.

Here are some things you should know about it:

– Weight Gain

The majority of women put on some weight after they enter this era. However , it doesn’t happen overnight, but gradually. It’s estimated that this number is about 5 pounds for many women, however it’s not uncommon to put on 15-25 pounds. As a result, you may have negative effects on your health. Also, the risk of some diseases is increased, like depression, breast cancer, heart problems, type 2 diabetes and more. So , it’s really important to keep or start exercising in those times.

– Insomnia

Considering that the estrogen and progesterone levels go down throughout menopause, women often experience sleeping issues. There are 3 ways your sleep can be affected during this period. First, it might cause menopause-related insomnia. Second, it can cause sleep-disordered breathing. And third, it may develop fibromyalgia. So , it’s recommended that there is a hot bath 30 minutes before going to sleep to relieve these dilemmas.

– Mood Swings

The brain chemistry may be altered, so depression is not uncommon all through menopause. Also, you could experience frequent mood swings. Experts advise that you take yoga classes, start meditating, do deep breathing exercises and have a good sleep schedule to prevent depression and mood swings.

– Bone Loss
Osteoporosis is extremely common for feamales in menopause. Even before this period, at across the age of 35, the bone mass in the body is lowered, so it may lead to osteoporosis. Also, since there is a drop in estrogen, and this hormone keeps the bones strong, the bones become fragile and lose their health.

– Hot Flashes
This really is one of the most common apparent symptoms of entering menopause. A number of them last very long, even for decades. They may also start before you enter this period, during perimenopause. Women experience body’s temperature changes rapidly, therefore it may be a really uncomfortable experience. Experts suggest that you avoid hot beverages, warm air temperatures, spicy food, stress, alcohol, some drugs and caffeine.