5 Amazing Supplements To Maximize The Potential Of Your Brain:

Sandrine Thuret is one of the worlds leading neuroscientist. She offers research along with practical advice on just how to support neurogenesis, lower your possibility of age-related decline, enhance your mood and memory formation.

What exactly is Neurogenesis?

Neurogenesis could be the process of developing new brain cells. This method is mainly active throughout the prenatal development. You will find two regions in the brain where this method continues to evolve even in the adulthood. They are called hippocampus and ventricular.
Joseph Altman in 1962 made an outstanding discovery in the neurogenesis. Evidently, memory and learning would be notably related brain functions that could be affected by growing new brain cells.

Some neuronal effects can be found in stress regulation and in the beneficial mechanisms of certain antidepressants. This method of growth of new brain cells can be of great help in the field of Alzheimer’s and depression.

Here Is How to develop New Brain Cells:

In these methods no surgery is involved, moreover, they are cheap at all. With them you can maximize your cognitive potential.

– Get regular exercise.
Exercise is very beneficial in several ways. Particularly in neuro-scientific neurogenesis is very important. Even walking 45 minutes daily can help in building a new hippocampal tissue.

– Practice intermittent fasting and/or minimize your use of calories.
The brain cells can survive much longer once we lower the consumption of k-calories and practice intermittent fasting. A perfect combination is consuming turmeric before start fasting.

– Consume more blueberries.
Apart from their great taste blueberries can significantly increase the cognitive function and neurogenesis. Furthermore, they truly are great for people who suffer with depression.

The reason for their efficiency is the high amount of flavonoids they contain. In cooperation with other fruits, blueberries are reduced in sugar and offer far more benefits.

– Introduce curcumin in your daily diet.
Curcumin is the main ingredient that is found in the known Indian spice turmeric. Studies have confirmed that this substance improves all neurologic functions and it elevates brain derived neurotrophic factor expression.

– Take a high-quality omega-3 fatty acid supplement or eat wild-caught fish. When it comes to supporting neurogenesis DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is more effective than all other types of omega-3 fatty acids. So , if you should be not a big fan of fish food, then buy yourself supplements for daily consumption.