No Need For Expensive Medicine Against Nail Fungus! Here Is The Cheap And Effective Home Method:

Today I will give you the low down on what is proven to work for your fungal toenails!

Admittedly, fungal toenails really are a very tricky condition to treat and I actually do understand why people find natural remedies. The best place to begin is with a visit to your Podiatrist, and even your GP. A nail that may appear sick or fungal to you, may not be a fungal infection at all. In fact , the only method to tell if you have a fungal nail is just a pathology test – but that is a whole other can of worms as fungal scrapings are notoriously difficult to culture in a lab.

So here are the answers:

Podiatrists see discoloured, damaged and fungal nails every day and therefore are best placed to advise on whether you have a fungal nail based on what we see within our clinic every day. There are some things that we try to find including;

Presence of fungal skin infection (tinea)
Severity of the situation and whether it is on more than one of your nails
Whether there are other underlying medical dilemmas (like Diabetes and Heart Disease)

To deal with your fungal nails, we recommend remedy program which contains;

Thinning the thickened nail
Removal of as much of the infected nail as you can
Application of a topical treatment that has been scientifically proven to be effective
Treatment of your fungal skin infection (if present)
Change in footwear and socks
Possible referral for oral antifungal medication if clinically indicated

The top agent for curing your fungal nails is Terbinafine, called Lamisil, which is taken orally. Most people I meet, however , don’t want to go directly to an oral antifungal treatment due to the negative effects related to taking it.

Terbinafine is the also active ingredient in the over the counter anti-fungal cream Lamisil. This has quite high evidence of effectiveness for tinea infections in your skin.

For your toenails, the evidence is less strong, but implies that Ciclopiroxolamine is effectve in the treatment of fungal nails. We recommend you apply Rejuvenail to your toenails which contains this active ingredient.

Please know that fungal nails have a very long time to resolve. A typical toenail can take between 8-12 months to completely grow out, so expect that you will be following your treatment plan for this era of time. Often you will see a change in the base of one’s nail at in regards to the 3 month mark, but this is reliant on a number of factors.

I really hope that this has been helpful to you quick and natural treatment for your fungal nails. I’m sorry to express, that this treatment doesn’t exist, and some of the natural “cures” can be harmful to you in other ways. When you yourself have concerns about your fungal nails, or perhaps are not even sure you have a fungal a nail – are available in for a consultation! Podiatrists are experts in toenails and will be in a position to help you make an informed choice in your treatment.