5 Magical Tibetan Exercises To Rejuvenate Your Spirit And Body

5 Tibetan exercises or five rites of rejuvenation are simple physical exercises firstly developed and practiced by Tibetan monks. For more than 1000s of years, these Tibetan rejuvenation exercises are carried out as part of rituals and tradition, which can be transmitted from generation to generation.

Those who practice the 5 tibetan exercises are frisky and also have a youthful appearance and there are no notices of any elder people. They’ve, as previously mentioned, with the help of these exercises and proper diet able to stop or at least slow aging.

Practicing the 5 tibetan exercises of rejuvenation returns us vitality and our life energy.

Your body is becoming healthier and much more elastic and eventually removing unnecessary material. These exercises can help anybody, whose practicing on the regular basis. Next, I can assure you, that you will feel much younger and healthier.

The 5 tibetan exercises are best and recommended to be performed in the morning, when your body is at the lowest point of activity. With no force and effort, these exercises are preformed in relaxed and rhythmic feeling.

We perform each level of work simply to the point, when it becomes uncomfortable for people.

Very important is that individuals breathe deeply, with your whole breasts and in a steady rhythm. We need to practice regularly and if at least possible on an empty stomach.

If you need to intake something, please just drink a glass of (lukewarm) water.
And please, do listen to your body and make adjustment of one’s number implementations to fit your own abilities. Tune in to your body closely.

The very first week of your practice 5 tibetan exercises three times, 2nd week practice five times and so on until twenty-one times (if you’re comfortable with, it could take several weeks practicing for around 5x or 7x or 9x).

1. First Tibetan exercise
This exercise stimulates the flow of energy in the body. Please stand relaxed and calm, stretch your arms out, to be parallel with the floor. Keep fingers together and keep your feet in width of one’s shoulders. Then slowly rotate in a clockwise direction. Don’t rotate in the alternative direction and do not over do it by turning.

2. Second Tibetan exercise
We are lying on your back, on the hard and leveled floor (surface). Place the palms on the floor, next to the feet. Inhale, then lift your both legs (if on first you can totally outstretched out your legs, then, instead, bend your knees) and put your head closer as possible to your chest.
Hold your breath, and then sweep gently down your mind and legs, while you’re exhaling slowly.

3. Third Tibetan exercise
We are sitting on our feet, or we are kneeling on the ground with our toes fold down. Please ensure, that your spine is upright, and out your hands on the buttocks.
While inhaling, slowly push the pinnacle and neck straight back as far as possible and hold your breath.
During the exhale, slowly put your head on your own chest.

4. Forth Tibetan exercise
Lay on the floor, place your own feet in the width of your hips, place your hands on the floor, alongside your thighs, and lean your head towards the chest. Inhale while raising the body forward and up, push your face back and make a strong bridge. Hold your breath for a moment, then, throughout the exhale, sit down in the original / basic position.

5. Fifth Tibetan exercise
Your system is in a shape of bow placed against your arm. Your toes are folded down. While inhaling, we lean on our hands and feet (heels remains on the ground), the pelvis is high up, lean your head in your chest and hold your breath. Throughout the exhale, we released our body and push our head back in terms of possible.


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