Drink This Dark Variant Of Lemonade And Completely Cleanse Your Body!

We live in a world where toxic substances represent a dangerous threat to humankind and we are in need of efficient way to clean ourselves from these destroyers of general health. That is why we truly need cleanses which represents a way of cleaning our body from noxious substances and chemicals, preferably with natural ingredients that act for the main benefit of our human anatomy.

The perfect cleanse represents a complete benefit for the organism as it
effortlessly performs on boosting the digestive system, improves intestinal performance, ameliorated sleeping habits, and so forth

That is why we need to undertake a number of beneficial habits in our every day lives like proper nutrition, hydration, maybe not drinking coffee and alcohol, quit smoking and certain medications etc.

Luckily for you, we have an easy cleanse treatment, well regarded as black lemonade. Two weeks are more than enough to begin to see the results of this elixir: beautiful skin, no bloating, feeling light and packed with energy.

This is the way the preparation of the drink is done:

Dark Arts Elixir

Amount: 4
– 4 cups filtered water
– 1/3-1/2 cup freshly
squeezed lemon juice
– 1/4 cup pure maple syrup
– 1 teaspoon (about 3-4 capsules) activated charcoal (available in powder or capsules)
– Pinch of Himalayan salt

First, squeeze the lemons until they are completely drained. Transfer lemon juice to a pitcher. Open up capsules gently and put every thing in the lemon juice pitcher. Then, add the other ingredient to the pitcher and mix until it is even.

Drink this while hungry, 1hour before morning meal and dinner. Mix it well again before drinking it. Put it in the fridge and keep it only five days.

It is advisable to transfer the liquid in a securely closed mason jar and shake it before every consumption.
Don’t push way too hard, because activated charcoal is able to provoke many detox side-effects, like headaches, nausea, foggy brain, skin breakouts, irritability and low energy. The symptoms disappear but it might take time.

Activated Charcoal Precautions
Pregnant women and people under stronger medications aren’t supposed to drink this mixture. You should be hungry while drinking this as food might cause improper functioning with this drink. Always remember that activated charcoal can alter the color of your stool so stay calm and know that it’s normal, nothing can go wrong.

Because of its main components which are filtered water, lemon juice, activated charcoal, pure maple syrup and Himalayan salt, this drink features a dark color and a strong perhaps not very pleasant taste.

We provide you with a few detox guidelines that will help you get most of the benefits you need:

– Drink lukewarm lemonade water as soon as you get up.

– Eat strictly organic and drink cold-pressed vegetable juices.

– Get rid of harmful foods in nutrition, for example, wheat, cow dairy, refined sugar, inflammatory fats, processed and packaged foods.

– Choose natural personal care products and services.

– Dry brush.

– Do Epsom, Himalayan salts detoxification and even an alkane bath.

– Keep yourself hydrated

– Lower your caffeine intake on daily basis.

– Are drinking alcoholic beverages only on special occasions.

Nowadays Stress or improper nutrition can have a negative impact on the body resulting with toxins attacking your system and destroying it piece by piece.