Do This One Thing Before Going To Bed And You Will Fall Asleep Quickly:

Treating various health dilemmas massage is very effective, like indigestion, insomnia, edema, pain, improves skin health, and boosts blood circulation. Massage is a requisite, not really a luxury. It is a method to relax the human anatomy and improve your overall health. In terms of massage, many people don’t consider the feet essential.

Here are some benefits of your feet massage:

– Stress reduction
– Increase of the libido
– Improvement of the blood flow
– Stimulation of the secretion of sweat
– Elimination of the acids that could cause cramps
– Calm the mind and the human body
– Better sleep
– Lowering of the blood pressure
– Prevention of injury and it speeds up the recovery process
– Reduce steadily the feelings of anxiety

According to reflexology experts, our feet have numerous points and when they’ve stimulated an instant pain relief and relaxation is provided, as they are linked to different body organs.

When massaging the feet it is crucial to realize that different points are for certain body parts. For that reason take a look at the image above and see where your feet need massage the most.

For instance , when massaging the big toe or toenail you are directly affecting the lungs and the brain.

In the event that you still don’t wish to spend any money for a foot massage you can decide to try it at your house .. Most useful time is before going to bed.

You will straight away have the effects of the foot massage and you can practice it every night.