Another 7 Reasons You Should Consume An Avocado Every Day:

Today we give you ways of using the avocado again for your own benefit as it is a very useful fruit. We have chosen another 7 very beneficial properties to show to you:

1. Nutrient bomb
Avocados have like 20 vitamins and minerals, and one avocado a day is more than enough as it satisfies your needs. It contains:

• 53% Vitamin K
• 41% Folate
• 33% Vitamin C
• 28% Potassium
• 26% Vitamin B6
• 21% Vitamin E
• 19% Copper

2. Inflammation
Chronic inflammation creates is able to develop asthma, allergies, arthritis, and heart disease.
Oleic acid works in reducing inflammation.They also prevent damages on the and it is advised to be added to every meal.

3. Painkiller
Avocado extract calms down pain because of the anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Blood pressure
Sodium-high diet can cause hypertension. Potassium destroys the effect of sodium on the body and your blood pressure is regulated.

5. Nutrient absorption
Eating just any fresh fruit will not do wonders for you immediately. But, avocados can do that for you because of their power to absorb nutrients from other stuff you eat, like vitamins A, D, E, and K, and antioxidants. Nice, right?

6. Skin and hair
You don’t have to spend a lot of cash on cosmetic products like creams as the avocado has got the same effect. Avocado provides 20% of one’s daily intake of vitamin E. This vitamin is responsible for your skin and hair beauty.

7. Sharp brain
Copper provides an excellent stimulation to the brain, and an avocado has the capacity to provide about 20% of your RDI with this mineral. Copper boosts up your creativity and imagination. Purchase your avocados today. You will find so many recipes to help you eat avocados on daily basis.

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