Diabetic People Pay Attention! These 7 Foods Are Very Dangerous To You:

Diabetics are the people experiencing high blood sugar levels because of their body’s inability to manage the insulin. Diabetics should pay closer attention to what they eat and choosing the right nutrition can regulate your blood sugar and keep you feeling well.

So which foods should you keep out of your diet?

Dried fruit
Even though filled with beneficial ingredients, dried fruit just isn’t a good idea for diabetics considering that the drying process advances the concentration of sugar. Actually, by consuming a dried fruit a diabetic can have the exact same effect as eating a brownie. When you have diabetes, stay glued to the fresh fruits.

Fried foods.
Besides the damage it does to our human anatomy image due to the massive number of calories contained, French fries, fried chicken, fried bread is not good for the health as it encourages the “ bad cholesterol” or LDL to increase, put you on the risk of getting a heart disease or have a negative impact on your diabetes.

Full-fat dairy products
Your blood circulation and arteries may be stressed due to the high amount of fat in these products, so attempt to consume low-fat products and services in order to prevent this from happening. Check always the labels before purchasing an item.

Fruit juice
Although it has many benefits, for diabetics it can have the same effect as sodas. Even the unsweetened juices can leave a negative affect your health. Like 8 ounces or 250 ml of unsweetened apple juice contains 24 gr.

What is surprising is that a soda offers the equal amount of sugar in it! The reason is that fruit juice is full of fructose, which can develop insulin resistance, heart failure or weight gain.

Processed foods
Everyone knows that they carry no nutritive value because they are filled with sodium, sugar, additives, artificial colors, preservatives and many others chemicals which are toxic to our body. Fully processed foods contain a high glycation end- products or AGEs which can cause stress and inflammation and also cause Type 2 Diabetes or insulin resistance.

Root Vegetables
Vegetable and tubers like sweet potato, carrots, yams are not recommended for individuals suffering from diabetes or are in the early stage of it since they are abundant with sugar and therefore are able to cause insulin spikes. Be careful of the glycemic index. The lowest glycemic index is found in the carrot ( 38) and the yams and sweet potatoes carry the higher indexes of 47 and 55.


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