12 Signs You Have Dangerously High Blood Sugar Level:

Your blood sugar level is really an indicator of the level of glucose in your system as it could be the main provider of energy. The condition called hyperglycemia can appear because of two reasons: type 1 diabetes which leads to lower blood sugar levels and type 2 diabetes which stops your body to use the glucose properly.

In the event that you don’t treat diabetes the right way it can affect many of your organs and endanger your quality of life.

So , what Causes Sugar spikes in Diabetics?

Not precisely taking diabetes medicine
Medications like steroids
Common colds
Physical inactivity
Over-treating an episode of low blood sugar

The Main Signs of High Glucose levels

Stomach issues
Itchy and dry skin
Nerve dilemmas
Dry mouth
Excessive thirst
Extortionate weight gain
Constant hunger
Frequent urination or nighttime urination
Blurry vision

How to lower your glucose levels?

GI also known asthe glycemic index represents a ranking of carbs in foods according to how they influence the levels of glucose in your blood. This number goes from zero to hundred, there are low-GI foods, but also moderate and high. The low ones are processed slower than the high foods so they lower the insulin levels and encourage losing weight.
Foods with Low Glycemic Index

1 egg: 0
1 cup of hummus: 6
1 cup of broccoli: 10
1 mid-sized yellow onion: 10
1 cup of walnuts: 15
1 cup of cherries: 22
1 cup of cashew nuts: 22
1 cup of yogurt: 23
1 Turkey sausage: 28
1 cup of kidney beans: 31
1 cup of butter beans: 34
8 ounces of tomato juice: 38
1 mid-sized apple: 38
1 cup of spaghetti: 42
1 cup of green grapes: 46
8 ounces of pineapple juice: 46
1 large carrot: 47
1 medium orange: 48
1 large grapefruit: 50
1 large banana: 52
1 cup of peas: 54

Foods with a moderate GI

1 cup of brown rice: 55
1 tablespoon of raw honey: 55
1 cup of oatmeal: 58
1 cup of regular white rice: 64
1 serving of macaroni and cheese: 64

Foods with a High Glycemic Index

1 slice of regular white bread: 70
2 cups of popcorn: 72
1 doughnut (glazed): 76
1 rice cake: 78
1 mid-sized baked potato: 85
1 serving of corn flakes: 92
50 grams of glucose: 100

Always try to steer clear of foods with high GI and if you observe something is wrong to go to your doctor at the same time!