Nail Chewing Indicates You Have This Type Of Personality:

Have you got the tendency to bite your nails when you feel nervous or anxious? It’s considered to be a nasty habit, not very rude when done in public and indicates that you most likely aren’t feeling right mentally at the moment. Nevertheless , despite it being referred to as an obsessive-compulsive behavior it could also indicate that you have one great characteristic- a perfectionist!

A research done in Montreal describes nail-biting as a ”body-centered, repetitive behavior” and additional states that:

”While these behaviors can induce significant distress, they also seem to satisfy a momentum and deliver some form of reward. We believe that individuals with these repetitive behaviors can be perfectionists, meaning they are unable to flake out and perform the job at a normal pace. ”

As Kieron O’Connor an investigator states:

”Therefore, they truly are prone to frustration, impatience and dissatisfaction once they fail to achieve their goals. They also experience higher levels of boredom. ”

The investigation included 48 people, with 24 of these having repetitive behavior and 24 of these not having one. Since the investigation went further they did a variety based on the questionnaires and their individual personality, and they were also tested in four different scenarios built to elicit specific emotional states. Stress, relaxation, frustration and boredom.

The ones that had a brief history of repetitive behavior engaged in repetitive behavior more than others and it was quite logical and expected from them.

Sarah Roberts, the study’s director, stated:

” Which means the condition is not simply due to” nervous “habits. The findings suggest that people who suffer with repetitive, body-centered behaviors may benefit from treatments designed to reduce frustration and boredom and also to modify perfectionist beliefs. ”

Repetitive behavior is not always a bad thing, however it could be once it affects a person’s personality and even represents a drawback inside their view of the entire world and in doing their everyday habits.