15 Delicious Food, Wich Can Help Your Magnesium Intake Naturally:

Magnesium is an essential mineral in our body plus it plays a vital role in the function in excess of 300 enzymes as well as in numerous biochemical reactions. Furthermore, this mineral is also essential for the metabolic functions such as regulation of insulin sensitivity, relaxation of blood vessels, muscles and nerves and proper bone and teeth development.

The observable symptoms of lacking magnesium in the body are fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines, anxiety, depression and cardiovascular problems.

Simply how much magnesium do we truly need?

An average person should intake around 300-420 mg. of magnesium a day, nevertheless , this can be different for each individual. However , some experts suggest that number should be 600-900 mg. of magnesium per day.

In past years the soil contained much more magnesium so people didn’t have this problem so frequently. Nowadays, the soil is deprived of nutrients and therefore we ought to look for other extra sources for this crucial mineral, such as supplements.

The best way to intake this mineral is obviously naturally. You can do so by targeting foods that are abundant in this mineral.

Here is a listing of foods that you should use in your daily menu in order to increase the intake of magnesium naturally:

Beet greens;
Mustard seeds;
Fennel seeds;
Fruit and berries;
Raw cocoa nibs;
Collard greens;
Swiss chard;
Brussels sprouts;

If in case you still decide to simply take supplements then you should truly consult your doctor first and always select the right quality as many of the supplements in the marketplace are poor quality.