Heal Your Heels In Just 3 Easy Steps:

Are you aware that in just a few simple steps you can solve the situation with cracked heels? Moreover, this process is wholly natural and you will be taken aback by the results within a few days time.

First Step: Treatment With Hot Water


1 . Lukewarm water
2. 2 spoon baking non-alcoholic drink
3. Pumice stone
4. 2 spoon salt

Pur the lukewarm water in a tub and mix the rest of the ingredients together inside. Soak your feet for a quarter-hour and then gently rub the affected area with a pumice stone in order to eradicate the dead skin.

Second Step: Scrub


1 . 2 spoon oil
2. Sugar

Mix the two ingredients together and then rub your heels for 5 minutes. After you finish, just wash your own feet with plain water.


3rd Step: Moisturizer


1 . Some candle
2. Oil

Add the oil (two spoons) and a small piece of candle in a steep bowl. Place the ingredients in a bowl of hot water so they really will melt after which wait for the mixture to cool off. Apply the remedy onto the affected area and put on some socs for the mixture to precisely act.

Following these simple steps for just several days time will completely solve the problem with cracked heels. Furthermore, you will witness the results of these natural remedies despite the first time.