These 2 Ingredients Can Be A Fortified Great Wall Against Weight Gaining!

In this article today we will explain to you how to use only these two ingredients that you will always find in your kitchen to the greatest extent. A lot of people still consider that accumulated energy is just a body fat, and that the body weight should follow a diet plan that allows them to burn those fatty deposits. But to eliminate those fats, you can achieve it with only 2 ingredients, moreover it affects even parasites in your body.

So there are other energy deposits in the body, glycogen (carbohydrates) and proteins (muscles). Аnd the way in which your body uses these energy deposits can alter the way the body uses fat because when you have some sweet or salty wishes which will be said is a normal thing, especially when these desires happen periodically.

However, if these desires are more common than normal and therefore are perhaps not fully enhanced, it means that you suffer from high quantities of stress or have parasites in the stomach.


You will need only these two ingredients:

100 grams of flax seed
10 grams of clove

Preparation and consumption

First, with the help of a grinder, mix the two ingredients in the powder, then you should simply take two tablespoons with this mixture in the morning for three consecutive days. You can also mix it with water or with morning meal.

The proper use is to go 3 days, then rest 3 and carry on to consume still another 3 days, and so forth, and after a month has passed, you will see the big difference, particularly, this cleansing will allow you to remove parasites from your own body.

You also want to get all the vitamins and minerals daily, as many of them take part in releasing energy from food because proper consumption gives us a sense of vitality and a want to participate in various activities and exercises.