2 Cheap Ways To Remove Stretch Mark Forever!

Stretch-marks are linear wavy atrophies of your skin. When they appear are red or pink, but over time they get white or silver. They can appear on any the main human body, but usually it is the stomach, back, breasts, forearms, buttocks and thighs. The look of them is due to the physical stretching of skin (bodybuilding, pregnancy, obesity, rapid growth and development in puberty), and also hormonal changes within the body (pregnancy, puberty). The key role in the look of stretch marks has genes and type of skin.

They are more common in women than in men.

How Do Stretch-marks Start?

The skin contains three layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The stems are formed in the middle layer, the dermis, if the connective tissue extends beyond its limits of elasticity, and after the rapid expansion of the contraction of the skin the result of a sharp increase or gaining weight. Low tension causes cracking of the dermis that contributes to seeing the deeper layer of the skin and mainly, as the human anatomy grows, the strong connective tissues in the dermis spread slowly, and in rapid growth, the fibers are stretched and fired.

The primary cause of stretch marks, besides the genetic predisposition, would be the hormones, because using their action the skin loses elasticity, also pregnancy, fullness and obesity, diabetes, rapid weight loss.

How could you Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

There are numerous treatments and cosmetic products and services that can help you to reduce stretch marks, but we would like to show you 3 effective techniques for getting rid of stretch marks after losing weight.

– Two Ways ToTreat It:

Many respected reports have shown that stretch-marks are best reacted to treatment in the early stages and that’s when they continue to be purple or red, and when they become white or silver, they are more difficult to deal with, but there are two main categories of means of treatment of stretchmarks such as topical and surgical.


– So if you have stretch-marks, you can choose a topical remedy that includes ties in and creams such as for instance Retin-A (tretinoin) or Tazorac, which products and services are designed to stimulate collagen in order to improve stretchmarks over time but have to know that only pink/purple-tinted marks will disappear. And, if you already have a gray/white mark, you shouldn’t use these salves because your stretch-marks will perhaps not respond to treatment.


– don’t use these ointments during pregnancy or breastfeeding because they are teratogenic and can cause congenital defects.


– Also home cures are leaders in the fight against stretchmarks, because these drugs do not contain chemical components and do not impair your health, but it should really be noted that natural home remedies are more effective in the early stages of stretch marks, and you can look for effective recipes for home remedies on the Internet.

You may also reduce the risk of stretch-marks by following our advice:

– When you’re on a diet, you should aim for a gradual loss of weight
– You should prevent the yo-yo diet
– Maintain a healthier weight
– Consuming a healtier diet rich in vitamins and minerals
– Have a slow and gradual escalation in weight all through pregnancy
– And do not forget to drink lots of water (6-8 cups a day).