10 Signs Of Vitamin C Shortage In Your Body:

Vitamin C is an crucial nutrient that must be consumed regularly to prevent deficiency. The recommended daily intake for vitamin C is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women. While deficiency is relatively rare in developed countries as a result of availability of fresh produce and the addition of vitamin C to certain foods and supplements, it still affects roughly 7% of adults in the USA.

Some of the most useful food sources of vitamin C (per cup) include:

Acerola cherry
Sweet red pepper

Since the body doesn’t store large amounts of vitamin C, it is suggested to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

Vitamin C Deficiency:


The most common risk facets for vitamin C deficiency are poor diet, alcoholism, anorexia, severe mental infection, smoking and dialysis. While symptoms of severe vitamin C deficiency can take months to produce, there are some subtle signs to watch out for!

10 most common signs of vitamin C deficiency:

1. Rough, Bumpy Skin

Vitamin C deficiency may cause the formation of small acne-like bumps on the arms, thighs or buttocks. However, these bumps alone aren’t enough to diagnose a deficiency.

2. Corkscrew-Shaped Human Anatomy Hair

Abnormally bent, coiled or corkscrew-shaped human anatomy hairs are a hallmark sign of vitamin C deficiency, nevertheless they may possibly be difficult to detect, as these hairs are more likely to drop out.

3. Bright Red Follicles of hair

Hair follicles contain many tiny blood vessels that will rupture due to a vitamin C deficiency, causing bright red spots to look around the follicles.

4. Spoon-Shaped Fingernails With Red Spots or Lines

Vitamin C deficiency is related to spoon-shaped fingernails and red lines or spots underneath the nail.

5. Dry, Damaged Skin

Low intakes of vitamin C are associated with dry, sun-damaged skin, but these symptoms can be caused by other facets.

6. Easy Bruising

Vitamin C deficiency weakens blood vessels, causing easy bruising. It’s usually one of the first obvious signs of vitamin C deficiency.

7. Slowly Healing Wounds

Vitamin C deficiency interferes with tissue formation, causing wounds to heal more slowly. This is considered an advanced sign of deficiency, so other signs and symptoms would likely appear first.

8. Painful, Swollen Joints

Vitamin C deficiency frequently causes severe joint. In severe cases, bleeding can occur within the joints, causing painful swellin

9. Weak Bones

Vitamin C is important for bone formation, and deficiency can boost the risk of developing weak and brittle bones.

10. Bleeding Gums and Tooth Loss

Red, bleeding gums are a common sign of vitamin C deficiency, and severe deficiency can even cause tooth loss.