7 Signs Of Vitamin A Deficiency

Extremely common in developing countries, but rarely noticed in developed countries. Vitamin A deficiency is a public health problem in more than half of all countries, especially those in Africa and South-East Asia. The most severe effects of this deficiency are seen in young kids and pregnant women in low-income countries.


You will find two types of vitamin A found in foods:

– Preformed vitamin A: also known as retinol and commonly present in meat, fish, eggs and dairy products and services.
– Provitamin A: human body converts nutritional elements in plant foods, such as for instance red, green, yellow and orange vegetables & fruits, into this category

7 Signs Of Vitamin A Deficiency:

1. Slow Regeneration

Because vitamin a is a crucial aspect in the creation of collagen in our human anatomy, therefore the lack of it may severely slow down the healing of our wounds.

2. Dry, Itchy, Inflammed Skin

Vitamin A is very important for the creation and repair of skin cells. Additionally, it helps fight inflammation due to certain skin issues. Without the help of Vitamin A, we can develop Eczema, which in turn causes the aforementioned conditions

3. Acne

Multiple studies demonstrate, that in signifigant amounts of acne cases, there was vitamin A deficiency in the back ground. In one study in 200 adults, vitamin A levels in those with acne were over 80 mcg lower than in those without the condition.

4. Inhibits Growth Of Children & Raises Their Mortality

Young ones who do not get enough vitamin A may possibly experience stunted growth. This is because vitamin A is necessary for the appropriate development of our bone structure. A few studies have shown that vitamin A supplements, alone or with other nutritional elements, can improve growth. The possible lack of vitamin A also causes infections to have easier time grinding down our body.

5. Inability To See At Night

It is the 2nd most common condition of vitamin a deficiency and also one of the first signs, along with our lack of ability to produce tears.


6. Eye Dilemmas

The inability to produce tears, is one of the first signs of vitamin A deficiency, but if it goes untreated for a long time, we can completely ruin our eyes and experience permanent blindness.

7. Fertility Problems

Because vitamin a is vital within our reproduction, people with deficiency have hard time getting pregnant. Severe deficiency in the long run can lead to birth defects and miscarriages

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