4 Signs Of Vitamin K Deficiency In Adults And The Way To Fix It:

Vitamin K is a substance that our body needs to make clots and to stop bleeding. Usually we get vitamin K simply be eating it. Some vitamin K can also be made by the good bacteria that are living in our intestines. Babies are born with very small amounts of vitamin K stored inside their bodies, which can cause serious bleeding issues if perhaps not supplemented.

The observable symptoms of vitamin K deficiency:

– Extortionate bleeding
– Getting bruises easily
– Small blood clots underneath their nails
– Bleeds in mucous membranes that line areas within the human anatomy
– Stool that looks dark black and contains some blood

These Factors Incease The Chances Of Vitamin K Deficiency:

– Taking blood thining anticoagulants
– Taking antibiotics
– Having fat adsorbtion dilemmas
– Diet lacking vitamin K

Foods that are high in vitamin K include:

– Soybeans
– Green tea extract
– Green leafy vegetables
– Meat
– Cheese
– Eggs- Vegetable oils
– Blueberries and figs

People may also take vitamin K supplements. It is best to speak to a doctor before taking these as they could interfere with existing medications.