Taking A Bath With This Specific Condition Can Replace Exercise:

Scientists from many countries came to conclusion that 30-minutes of jogging is less effective, than taking the hot bath. It may sound far-fetched, but they have found concrete evidence to support this claim.


The course of things throughout the 3-month survey:

Fourteen men were involved in this survey. They divided them in to 2 groups. One group were doing sports, like jogging and riding a bike, whilst the other group only took these hot baths (~40 Celsius) every day. The survey took 3 months to accomplish and the researchers, even tough they somewhat expected it, they have been suprised at the effectiveness of just having a hot bath at your house .. After medical examination, the doctors confirmed roughly the same quantity of calorie loss in the 2 groups.

Why is it so?

The researchers explained that a specific reaction of the human anatomy to heat, was behind the results.

Their metabolic process has started to be faster, their heartbeat has fully gone higher and as an immediate cause of this the blood could supply more oxygen to organs and muscles, so it caused a greater loss of energy.

What to expect of from this method:

– Very low effort requirements, so it is easily done even after a tough day of work
– Effective at toning the body
– Makes it possible to fall asleep faster and wake up more easily at the morning
– Very comfortable