Best Natural Remedies According To Doctors:

Maybe you have wondered what do doctors use to take care of burns? Or how can it work for your dentist when that he manages to relieve your toothache in just a moment? Doctors not always have the remedy available. Sometimes even they should improvise when treating a patient, same as you do at home.



Natural Solutions, Which Are Often Recommended By Professionals:


“Clean your face gently with a couple salt (it posseses an antiseptic effect) and some drops of ‘neem’ oil, ” explains physician Hema Sundaram.

Rinse your face well, and apply some natural mask, use plain yoghurt, as an example. Leave it for 10 to a quarter-hour. Yoghurt contains lactic acid that works as a natural peeling and makes skin shiny and fresh, but this step will even help you solve the acne problem and reduce the color changes of the fine lines you may have.

Quick solution for irritated skin

“Spray on some mineral water, ” advised medical practitioner Christopher Dannaker, dermatology professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

Researchers have repeatedly confirmed that water is full of minerals, which is very theraputic for the skin. Spring water reduces the pain caused by burns off and rashes, and it is widely used to reduce the redness and the itchy feeling after a laser facial treatment.

Mosquito bites

Mosquitoes can be really irritating sometimes, and physician Dannaker suggests that you employ an aspirin paste to reduce the swelling and the itchy feeling every time you treat a mosquito bite. Crush some aspirin and add just enough water to dissolve it. Apply the aspirin paste directly on the bite.

It has anti-inflammatory properties, and this simple to make remedy will help you reduce the redness caused by bites, stings, pimples and hair splinters, because it is rich in salicylic acid, an active ingredient which has proven to be helpful in treating acne.

Eczema and psoriasis

Coconut oil is the perfect cure for eczema and psoriasis. Simply apply some olive oil on the sore spot and you should soon see some improvement. Perform a gentle massage on every square inch using a teaspoon, before the skin is completely dry.

Olive oil has no chemical ingredients that can irritate the skin, and it is the key ingredient contained in different skin care creams. But, if your problem is more complex, skip this initial therapy and consult your doctor as quickly as possible.

Minor burns

“You may possibly have fallen asleep on the beach, or just touched the incorrect handle of a hot pot. Nevertheless , burns can be really annoying and unpleasant.

You can always treat minor burns with a cold compress, and it is best if you’re able to use black or green tea, ” explains doctor Maria Savard, a professor at the School of Medicine in Pennsylvania. Soak a piece of gauze in certain tea and apply it on the burn. This will allow you to reduce the inflammation.


Pharmacies can sure offer you any kind of medicine for this condition, and these are frequently full of sugar. Simply take a simple peach syrup. It helps you get rid of any unpleasant feeling each morning, often caused by a heavy meal. Carbonated drinks also can do the trick.

Anxiety rash

“It often appears after using vegetable oil, perfumes, or it may sometimes be caused by heat, ” says doctor Andy Spooner, Director of the Department of Pediatrics at the Computer and Science Center in Tennessee.

According to him, first thing you should do is go to the nearest pharmacy and buy an antihistamine. Always read the prescription before you start taking the medicine.


Medical practitioner Ganady Raskin, Dean of the School of Medicine at the Bastar University, uses herbal medicine to deal with diarrhoea. “You can prepare a nice cup of tea utilising the bark from a Mediterranean Rosehip tree.

It’s going to calm your stomach, ” says Raskin. If you often digest pomegranates, do not forget to keep consitently the peel. You can keep it on a dry and dark place for up to 6 months. Add a teaspoon of pomegranate peel to 2dl of water and wait for 3-4 minutes until it’s done. Leave the tea for 30 minutes, and simply take the more expensive pieces out.

This tea will stimulate the production of mucus in your stomach, and reduce any irritation. Drink 4-6 tablespoons a day to get the most effective results.


“Cloves do magic in terms of relieving toothache. This ancient medical treatment works, ” says medical practitioner Jack Dillenberg, Dean of the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health.

Crush some cloves and apply the pieces on the tooth. This will help you relieve the pain before you go to see your dentist.

A Healthy Caution Is Still Necessary:

If you experience any kind of disease, it is still the best to consult with a medical professional in person, as he or she will be able to do a more targeted diagnosis on yourself and can come up with much more accurate results thanks to his experience.