Do This Simple Thing And You Will Literally Never Have Constipation Ever Again:

There’s absolutely no doubt that most people experience hard stool issues and in some cases constipation follows. The usual reasons for this condition are consuming fast food and insufficient consumption of liquid food. Having that in your mind, we share a few advices and simple recipe for overcoming this problem.



Lifestyle Advices To Avoid Constipation:

Consume plenty of fruits

Eat lots of fruits through the duration of the day. Make sure to at the least eat an apple a day, even although you do not have the time. Apples and plums are thought to be very efficient when working with problems like this one.

Stay physically active

The physical activity strengthens the intestinal flora as well as the whole gastrointestinal system performance; this will prevent any difficulties with defecation and constipation.

Simple and natural recipe for hard stool and constipation:


17 oz/ 500 grams of dry figs
17 oz/ 500 grams of damson
12. five cups/ 3 liters of water


Put damson and figs in the water. Set the stew-pan to boil. Let the mixture boil until 17 oz/ 500ml of water is gone.


Drink about 3. 3 oz/ 100 grams of the beverage before and after meal. This natural therapy should be performed regularly for the following few days. The results may well be more than obvious.