3 Ways You Can Remove Lipoma, Without Surgery:

Fat tissue is growing on the skin and it can happen anywhere on your human body. It is consisted of accumulated fat cells. It’s just an esthetical problem which doesn’t affect your over all health in any way. Fat tissue occurs without us noticing it plus it does not cause pain (except in certain cases where lipoma is formed).



It mostly does occur in persons over 40 years of age, however it does not need to always be that way — it may possibly occur in young ones aswell. The head, arms, straight back, neck and legs are the places where it grows the absolute most, but it can happen to be anywhere.

Doctors’ advice for us is fat tissue must certanly be extracted off of the human anatomy surgically. The small operation will not last longer than half an hour.

We offer 3 recipes for natural fat tissue removal for those of you who for some reason does not want to choose the surgical way.


These recipes may help with your fat tissue problem most of the time:

1. Flour and honey

This recipe helped a lot of people to get rid of their fat tissue. Make a mixture of flour and honey with thickness of 1 cm and surface just enough to cover the fat tissue you are planning to get rid of. This mixture should perhaps not be too sticky.

Apply it onto the fat tissue and cover it with piece of paper or gauze to truly save your clothes from getting dirty. Allow it to stay onto the affected area for 36 hours and after that replace the old piece of the mixture with new one.

Repeat this means of a week. After that the fat tissue should burst and all collected fester should leak out.

2. Propolis

Apply propolis onto the affected area for many days and the fat tissue should really be completely gone.

3. Yolk and salt

This method was first employed by a woman whose fat tissue was gone after 2-3 days. Mix one egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of salt. Apply this mixture onto the affected area and the tissue will be gone in 2-3 days.