This Is What Your Body Wants, When You Are Craving For A Specific Food:

Sometimes you feel strong want to eat a certain food and you feel like you cannot make it unless you eat what you want. Well, it is not just what you would like but what your organism wants.


Nutritionists say that it is not quite the food you want or need to eat nevertheless the nutrient value of the food. Behind all of it lays a lack of some nutritional substances you’ll need to enter in order to make yourselves feel a lot better.

Here are some of the surprising desires to eat a certain food and their meanings:

You need a bit of energy. The lack of energy cannot always be supplemented with sugar products and services but sometimes our organism is in the need of well kneaded, grown and baked for 10 to 15 minutes on 250 degrees dough. This was proved by the Academy in Maryland, USA.
There are periods in which you can’t resist the taste of mayo (even though you know it is extremely caloric food). This implies you have a lack of e vitamin (from the oil) and vitamin A (from the egg yolk). Both of these vitamins are very crucial for skin.
Sour Cream
When you put sour cream on whatever you are about to eat it means you have a not enough fats in your organism. If you require eating healthier remember that by eating healthy the fats of animal origin are completely left out and that is negative. Those are the compounds that make our nervous system work precisely.
The exact same goes for hamburger when it comes to sour cream. Efficient muscle work just isn’t stimulated just by proteins. It is also stimulated by one amino acid which helps calcium bind with bones. This means it is strengthening the whole bone-system.
These nuts have an amino acid which helps in the creation of hemoglobin in the blood. In this way, peanuts help in creating iron. So, the next occasion you feel like you can not live without peanuts it is better to check the degree of iron in your blood.
No matter how strange it seems, sometimes we can’t imagine our day without salami. What this means is we have a lack of vitamin B1 (vitamin that improves memory).


The desire to have chips means we now have a lack of sugar within our organism. Namely, chips contain high percentage of carbohydrates.


Cocoa stimulates the creation of serotonin (hormone of happiness). So, often once we have strong wish to have eating chocolate either we are in a bad mood or unhappily in love.