Do You Have Hidden Diseases? This 3 Minute Skin Physical Examination Will Tell A Lot About Your Health:

The importance of this quick skin physical examination method is higher, than you would think, because anybody can get skin cancer, regardless of skin color. Approximately one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their life time. When caught early, skin cancer is highly treatable.


How to identify the problematic spots, during the skin physical examination:

You need to know the difference between skin spots to find potentially dangerous diseases like skin cancer, so you can correctly identify it during the skin physical examination. An easy way to decipher if a mole on your skin is normal or potentially harmful is to use the ABCDEs (the above mentioned skin physical examination method). This handy American Academy of Dermatology method, which represents asymmetry, border, color, diameter, and evolving, will help you determine should you schedule a screening with a dermatologist.

Dangerous signs to look for:

When observing a mole on your skin the first thing you want to look at is its shape. Is the mole asymmetrical? If both halves are the same, it’s probably fine. An atypical mole will not have a definite border. If yours looks irregular, have it checked.

Notice if the color of the mole is all one shade or if it varies. A healthier spot will soon be one consistent color.

The diameter of melanoma [skin cancer] is usually greater than six millimetres, or how big a pencil eraser.

Is your mole evolving in size and/or shape? If so, have it checked by a medical professional. Here’s what to are expectant of whenever you get a mole removed.


How to do the skin physical examination:

Examine your body in a full-length mirror

Examine your body front and back in the mirror, then consider the right and left sides with your arms raised.

Look at your underarms, forearms, and palms

Bend elbows and look watchfully at forearms, underarms, and palms.

Look at your legs, between toes, and soles of your feet

Look at the backs of one’s legs and feet, the spaces betwixt your toes, and the soles of your feet.

Use a hand mirror to examine your neck and scalp

Examine the back of your neck and scalp with a hand mirror. Part hair for a closer look.

Use a hand mirror to check your right back and buttocks

Finally, check your straight back and buttocks with a hand mirror.

After you have done the skin physical skin examination:

If you noticed some dangerous signs during the skin physical examination, then dont hesitate to contact your doctor and have it immediately examined by a professional.
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Do You Have Hidden Diseases This 3 Minute Skin Physical Examination Will Tell A Lot About Your Health