These 3 Simple Face Tests Tell A Lot About Your Health…

The color of our lips, tongue & eyes can tell a lot about our health. They can indicate the general state of our health and also show signs of serious hidden diseases (which would need the direct attention of a medical professional).


3 Simple Tests To Asses Your Health:


Healthier: a pinkish color

NOT healthier: White, grey or brown layer. You may have a bacteria or a heightened production of gastric acid. If nearly all of your tongue is covered with a white layer, you might be probably dehydrated.

Help: Take a toothbrush and gently remove any buildups off your tongue. Make sure you do some blood test if the buildups appear in a short period of time.


Healthier: Shiny bright whites, equally pigmented eyelids

NOT healthy: Red, highly sensitive whites. This indicates insufficient eye moisture which is a direct consequence of hormonal alterations that occur as a result of pregnancy or extortionate use of contraception. This disorder is often caused by spending long hours working on a computer.

Yellow whites indicate liver malfunction, or hepatitis.

Red corners or red waterlines are brought on by blefaritis, which is a common symptom of infections, allergies and the like.

Help: Digest fish oil twice a day to treat dry eyes. If this doesn’t help, consult an ophthalmologist.


Healthier: Slightly pinkier color than your skin

NOT healthier: unusually pale lips indicate iron deficiency. Sores and cracks really are a sign of a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Help: Eat more milk and meat, and make sure you add more leafy greens to your diet. If the sores on your lips cause too much pain, do a blood test.