Prevent Hair Loss And Restore Natural Hair Growth: Visible Effects Within A Week!

Baldness is quite an unaesthetic issue, and it kind of attacks self-confidence. This common ‘nightmare’ may be caused by stress, pregnancy, weight loss, genes and menopause.  Unfortunately, we live in a stressful world and daily is a struggle by itself. Your body can actually ‘sense’ stress, and react in various ways. Stress can really mess up your hormones, and create a real chaos.

We give you a 3-ingredient recipe that will help you prevent further hair loss and restore natural hair growth:


olive oil


Heat up some olive oil, and stir raw and organic honey and cinnamon into it, a tablespoon each probably. Stir well until smooth and silky.

Keep your fragrant remedy in a Mason jar.


Gently rub the scented remedy on your scalp and lightly coat your hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse off with a mild, preferably natural shampoo.

Patience will sure pay off and you ought to notice the first signs of improvement in just a week. Enjoy your shiny and strong hair and share this remedy with whoever may need it!

Prevent Hair Loss And Restore Natural Hair Growth Visible Effects Within A Week!