This Is How You Can Use Coffe To Heal Your Liver:

Coffee is the most efficient way to begin a day. Some like it hot, the others add cream, and the rest of us just enjoy coffee. Alcohol, however, is pretty popular, too, with the sole difference being its harmful effect to health. These two will also be related in the way they affect each other. Considering the fact that alcohol is detrimental to the health, scientists have revealed a new means of dealing with its negative potential.

Based on a study conducted in britain, alcohol-induced liver damage can be reversed with 2 cups of coffee per day.

The connection between coffee and liver health:

According to the aforementioned study, which involved the results from 10 minor studies with over 430, 000 participants, 2 glasses of coffee daily may cause a significant drop of 44% in the danger of liver cirrhosis.

This is more than amazing for those who really love their coffee. Liver cirrhosis causes millions of deaths every year.

It is commonly caused by excessive use of alcohol, followed by other factors like:

– Fatty liver (it is usually associated with diabetes and obesity)
– Immunity related problems
– Hepatitis

Liver cirrhosis is considered as specially dangerous condition, as it is often fatal. Furthermore, there is still no cure for it.

But Dr Oliver Kennedy, professor at the Southampton University and lead author of this study, says that coffee has an crucial role in the prevention against cirrhosis.

You can buy it every where, it is low priced, & most people have no trouble drinking it. This kind of nice way to prevent / treat cirrhosis, right?

Cirrhosis and the Coffee study

The team of scientists examined the results of coffee in 2, 000 patients diagnosed with cirrhosis. The participants were divided in groups, and each showed different results:

One cup of coffee decreases the risk of cirrhosis by 22%
Two cups of coffee lowers the risk by 43%
Three glasses of coffee every day supply a 57% lower danger of cirrhosis
And finally, by drinking 4 glasses of coffee every day can decrease the risk of cirrhosis by 65%

The outcome were compared to those who do not like coffee.

Although the ‘coffee therapy’ gives great results, there are still some things you should simply take into consideration, such as for example:

Origin of the beans
Brewing technique
Lifestyle habits

Still another study has showed that filtered coffee has greater power than boiled coffee when it comes to treating or preventing cirrhosis. Nevertheless , this sure requires further examination and clinical trials.

However, that is great news for both coffee and booze lovers, right?

The findings were published Jan. 25 in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

A separate analysis recently warned from the amount of sugar present in popular beverages such as for instance lattes, coffees, and hot chocolates in cafés and take out chains. One-third of those drinks, the authors discovered, had sugar levels higher than those of known non-alcoholic drink products and services.