DIY Teeth-Whitening: The Fastest Method

If you are into natural services and products and beauty treatments, here is the right recipe for you personally. Yellow teeth would be the grosses thing in terms of physical appearance, and some would try even the impossible to solve their aesthetic problem.

But, first, let’s have the main facets that cause tooth discoloration:

Red wine
Tea / Coffee
Soft, sodas

The first step towards whiter teeth is cutting off every thing that stains your teeth. Industry is flooded with whitening products and services, but why do not you go all natural?

Test this super simple home trick and enjoy your brand new smile.

The best thing is, that you most likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen!


Baking non-alcoholic drink
Lime/Lemon or water

Combine the ingredients into a thick paste, and apply it onto your teeth once per week. Be careful, because extortionate use may damage your tooth enamel. You should notice some good results within many weeks.

DIY Teeth-Whitening The Fastest Method