The Half Moon Shaped White Area At The Bed Of A Fingernail Can Tell A Lot About Your Health…

Are you aware that the half moon shaped white area at the bed of a fingernail is called lunula? It is a very sensitive and important area of the nail and you should be very careful not to damage it because your whole nail will be permanently deformed.

If other nail is damaged or falls of, the lunula will continue to be in its place. Actually it is perhaps not white but when you predict the nail, it seems so.

The lunula is most visible on the thumb, but not at everybody. The thickened layer of skin which surrounds the fingernails and toenails, called eponychium, may cover the lunula.

The role of lunula in your health:

Alternative medicine believes that the lunula can reveal very crucial details about our over all health.

In old-fashioned Chinese medicine it’s believed that a not enough lunula can indicate anemia and malnutrition. If the lunula has reddish smudges the person may be struggling with cardiovascular diseases.

Indigestion is indicated with a lack of lunula or even a really small lunula which happens because of the slow metabolism and toxins in the body.