If You Like Desserts, Then You Must Know About This Delicious & Healthy Avocado Pudding:

Avocado is a good fresh fruit that has numerous health properties. It has the ability to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases by 50% due to its abundance of nutritional elements. People who consume avocado regularly have lower chances to experience weight problems and stomach fat. Also, these individuals have more good cholesterol in their blood.

This fruit is full of healthy fats:

Namely, avocados include plant sterols, like beta-sitosterol, which have potent antiestrogenic properties. They obstruct the estrogen receptors in the cells and lower the rates of absorption of this hormone, while raising the quantities of testosterone in men and progesterone in women.

You can add this ingredient to many foods.

You can make your own avocado and cacao pudding which your family will absolutely love it. Therefore surprise your family with this specific simple and delicious dessert which not just has health benefits, however it is very delicious.

Avocado and cacao pudding

The combination of cacao, honey and avocado is the best way to eat avocado.

This recipe is free of gluten and white sugar which is the reason why it gives so many benefits.

The cacao powder contains antioxidants which really are a great source of magnesium and dietary fiber.

This pudding will increase the health of your heart, your vision and the condition of your skin as a result of healthy ingredients it has. Furthermore, it will boost your digestion and regulate your blood pressure.

Needed Ingredients:

2 cleaned avocados
1/2 glasses of unsweetened cacao powder
1/4 cups of honey or xylitol
2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt
1/2 glasses of almond milk ( or vanilla)
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
A little Himalayan salt


Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them well. You can consume this pudding along with several other fresh fruits.

Enjoy the super-delicious taste of avocado pudding!