Cleanse Your Lungs From All Phlegms Quickly, With This Natural Mixture:

The immune system is made up with a network of cells, tissues, and organs, that work together to guard our human anatomy from bacteria, fungi, and parasites that can cause various infections. So, to be able to protect us from numerous diseases, our immune system requires a boost.

The lungs are organs in the human body which are incredibly important, having a responsibility to inhale and store oxygen, while simultaneously exhaling carbon dioxide from the human body through our nose.

So, the accumulated mucus in the nose can cause a blockage, thus affecting the lungs and making it difficult for us to breathe.

Mucus is a secretion which our body produces every day, up to 1-2 liters. Usually, we spit it out, nevertheless when a person has an allergy or a cold, the mucus tends to clog the breathing tubes and can become a huge problem.

Even though it is truly uncomfortable, this is normal, but if this lasts for a longer time of time it may become a serious problem, specially if you notice blood mixed with the mucus or a greenish color. In this case, you should straight away visit your medical practitioner.

Even as we said before our defense mechanisms is responsible for protecting your body from a number of diseases. So, today we shall present you an answer which will help you to strengthen your immune protection system, thus protect your self from various diseases.

It will boost your disease fighting capability and clear your respiratory system of the built up mucus. This homemade remedy is extremely easy and simple to prepare. It’s completely natural, therefore it is safe for both adults and young ones.

Needed Ingredients:

1 serving organic raw oats
1 tablespoon raw organic honey
16 ounces purified water


First, boil the water then turn off the warmth and add the oats. Let it cool for some time and stir in the honey. Leave it over night then the following morning make sure to strain the drink and store it in a glass bottle. Keep consitently the bottle in the fridge. This will be enough for 1 week.

You ought to consume 30-40ml with this drink before your breakfast, every morning for 40 days. Make a break for 15 days then you can certainly continue taking this remedy for another 40 days.

This drink can be consumed by children as well. It’s going to strengthen their defense mechanisms, thus protect them from viruses and bacteria. And the most effective part is that there will not be a need to repeat this procedure over and over again!